Im gonna try to keep this one short and to the point, because Im getting complaints from some people who say “your blogs are too long !”.  Dunno if thats just an excuse as to not to hurt me for not reading my blog or not, but Ill keep it short-ish and less philosophical for this one.


Oh, and its not depressing this time.  Maybe thats where my creativity stems from?  Depression? Or maybe online-venting-your-feelings is such a release that equates to punching a wall when you’re angry or kicking a table, hurting your toe and then punching the wall for doing such a stupid thing.

Anyway, I went to the Zoo!  In Kuwait.  (I can hear you all the way from here you cheeky bugger for laughing.  You know who you are Fajardo.)

It was a trip that happened out of the blue.  I got one of those annoying phone calls where the person on the other line asks you to make a decision on the spot.  And they make it sound so matter of fact that its such a normal thing to make a life changing decision in an instant.

That person was my beloved sister.

“Abdullah, we’re going to the zoo.  You have to decide now because we’re car pooling, and if you dont come with us you’re not going.”

End of story.

But first off:

1. The way she said it was so matter-of-fact that she made it sound that the zoo was a place we hung out at everyday, and this wasn’t the first time we go since I was 10 years old.

2. Why the pressure?  Is it not enough that my day job tends to force me to make many decisions that kill or save a life under pressure?  Now I have to do that when im deciding to go to the zoo of all places?

3. Why couldn’t I just meet them there?  Why was car pooling an “order”?

I guess it was a big sis sorta thing.  Or maybe cuz they knew that if they tried any other way the zoo would probably close and the elephant would have gone to sleep before I even came to a decision.

Either way, I went, and so did the kids (who I presume were the main reason behind us going and it wasn’t just an attempt to get me out the house).  And I have pics!



Oody wondering what the hell those small hairy things are
Oody and Big Sis posing with an elephant .. strange sentence.
Closest thing to a camel I’ve seen at the zoo
Oody is mildly interested at this point
Really dont know what kinda pose Big Sis was pulling here


A Bear .. also doesnt have a clue what Big Sis was posing about
Typical arab test is throw your son in with a bear and see who wins.  Test of manhood.
“I whooped that bears ass .. “

Anyway, as we agreed.  Short and sweet.

Its a trip to the zoo, what more do you want me to write for Gods sake? ;p



  1. hussain February 7, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    >hahahahhahaha….. Dr just remember how u used to speak to us when arranging a football match in the beach leisure centre at aberdeen :p… It was the same style " Hussain, we will play in half an hour. tell me now wana play or not " :p

  2. balqees February 7, 2011 at 10:12 pm #

    >lolololol next time hashom and i are so tagging along 😀

  3. Trendy ;p February 10, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    >moShkila;p Its not like they are telling you to kill someone and you need time to decide if and when you wanna do it.. its a trip to the zoo for gods sake!

  4. Dr Q80 February 17, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    >Hussain, football IS life and death ;pBalqees 7ayakom Allah! :)Trendy, true, but some decisions need mulling over. Shall i spend the rest of the day chillin with monkeys?Actually, some of the people i hang out with are close to monkeys so that's why i felt right at home at the zoo ;p

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