What do kids know?

Just came back home from work, and I saw this

Oody chilling

It made me smile to be honest, because what I was seeing was something untainted.  Pure.  How often can one say that about someone?

So it got me thinking, what do these kids know?

They dont know how –lie- to get to higher places

-cheat- to gain advantage

or –steal- anyones money

What DO kids know?

They dont know how to –hate- you for your beliefs

-murder- you to take what they want

or –rape-

What DO kids know?

They dont know how to –invade- countries to spread mentalities that just dont fit

-corrupt- to prioritise themselves above the law

or –pillage-

What DO kids know?

They dont know Sunni, Shiite, Bedouin, Black, White, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Athiest

They truly dont care about all that.

Im afraid the true question is ..

What do WE know?


Guys, these kids are the future.  Pure and simple.  They learn what you teach them, what you show them, and what you allow them to hear.

No one was born corrupt, or tainted.  Everything happening around us, all these things happening in life on a daily basis and on the news, these are the things that are shaping the future the way it is.

What happened to those qualities im sure we ALL once possessed?

Do you realise, that once upon a time..

You didnt really care about someones skin colour, except the toys they had

You didnt really care about someones religion, except what their parents got them

You didnt really care about what they wore, except how much fun they were to play with

You were a kid once, tell me, are you as innocent as you once were?


  1. fahad alabdulghani May 1, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    Kids are mean! they pick on you for no reason, call you names if you look or act funny, and some steal your lunch and beat you up!! I can show you my 7 year old nephew- he isnt innocent at all!!!

    • DrQ80 May 1, 2012 at 3:40 pm #

      Thats the age where they are mini people!

      7 happens to be a terrible age anyway ;p

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