Weird issues with iOS 9

Im hearing (as well as being one of the people complaining) of weird issues that are happening after this fantastic update to our iPhones.

Low Volume:

This one has been annoying the hell out of me, and its a slippery little culprit.  Every time I would check out a story on snapchat, id realise there was no sound.  So I assumed the person had decided to mute it.

But every time I would attempt to increase the volume, I notice it was almost muted on my device.  And every single time id assume I had turned it down because I was at work or something.

But no, this happens regardless and apparently randomly (unless any of you care to shed some light on whats causing this?).

So annoying!


Low vol

Stuck Notifications:

This one is less annoying, but annoying nonetheless (it drives my OCD insane).  When you slide down the notification centre, view your messages, you naturally then clear them all, or some of you would.

After the update, 90% of your messages WOULD clear, except a couple.

I had one of my friends Whatsapp message of “.. and thats how you eat kebabs!” stuck on my screen for 3 days as a result, until I restarted my phone.


Ive noticed an increased level of lag on my phone, and it goes as far as removing a full 2 seconds off my snapchats.  I mean the whole thing is what, 10 seconds long?  Thats removing 20% of my precious snap apple.  Not cool.


Low power mode is awesome, but for some reason i seem to be using it a lot since the update.

So, anyone else facing any of these issues?  Or is this exclusive to my phone and I just happen to be unlucky?

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  1. Bader October 3, 2015 at 3:57 pm #

    For the Snapchat issue, I suspect that it happened to me but I didn’t give it a full attention so I can’t confirm it. But for the other issues mentioned, none of them ever occurred to me, so far!

    • DrQ80 October 3, 2015 at 4:55 pm #

      The problem is, most of these issues can be missed easily. I always thought I had my phone on silent, hence the low volume. Finally I realised it was happening a lot, and found it out.

      Would highly appreciate if you can continue to report any such issues to see if this just a local thing on a few devices, or affecting many. Apple HAS released 3 updates since ios 9 which in itself is kinda weird..

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