WE are what goes bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night

I remember that phrase, it was written in kids / teens books I used to read when I was younger.  Those “things” were supposed to be “monsters” that were meant to scare kids.

At the ripe old age of 29, ive come to realise who those monsters really are.

We’ve somehow managed to create a society that completely distrusts each other, with good reason mind you.

Its spectacular how we managed that, and im pretty sure a very precise set of events had to happen to bring us to this point.

Do you realise, its become the norm for a woman to walk around town, to be followed by ‘x’ number of guys all the way to her car?  Its totally normal, ask any girl and she’ll mention an occurrence to you.

Whats worse, kids at the age of 11 – 14 are now joining in the act.  Guys following girls around in malls, and girls dressing as slutty as possible.

Look around at the youths interests these days, and you’ll see people doing stuff you havent even thought of trying -10 years their senior.  Drinking / smoking / doing drugs, we keep mentioning that “its 2015” and we should all be “forward thinkers”, but since when is doing something stupid at a very young age a “forward” way of life?

What happened to manners?  To goals, objectives, progress, aspirations?

Are we so focused on the so-called “pleasures” and vices of life that we have completely forgotten how to raise our kids?

We’ve armed them with the mentality of “take take take” but forgot to mention the “give give give” part.

Thats our fault, not theirs.

We had role models to follow, who are they following?  Lil Wayne? Nicki Minaj?

Hardly decent role models in my opinion.

Now im certainly no saint, so you can keep your hands down and allow me to point that out myself.  But i can stress quite sternly, none of us are.

We are however, responsible for what we teach our kids these days.

We are responsible in maintaining that neither a close minded mentality, nor the other extreme, are what brings about a balanced life.

And thats what we lack – balance.

We force upon them gender segregation, till we’ve created a sex-fueled generation who believe that the other sex is a piece of meat.

Its degrading.

We force upon them culture and tradition that are simply not in keeping with this day and age, and as a result we have created what I call “super hero” lifestyles.

Meaning – they live one life during the day, and another during the night.  Like superheroes, only they’re not saving anyone.

No – im not saying lets create a western style society and drop all our culture and traditions.  Im just asking people to ease off them a little bit.

We’ve created a culture, where girls who normally, would hesitate to swim openly in their bikinis in front of other local males, would do so in a heartbeat in another country.

We’ve created a culture, where girls would wear the hijab here but drop it when travelling.

We’ve created a society, where people would be all pious here, but get piss drunk the second they are on that plane outta here for a weekend.

We’ve created a very serious set of double standards here.  People have forgotten why they are doing what they are doing.

People have forgotten that its OK to be uncomfortable with your woman stripping down to her undies when at the beach in front of other men.  Im Kuwaiti, im a muslim, its not normal for me to stop being protective over my family.

People have forgotten that when that girl wears her hijab, its not only to cover up from a fellow Kuwaiti, but also that dude in Miami.

People have forgotten that when we dont get drunk left right and center, we’re not doing that out of respect for our neighbours.  We’ve always done that, out of respect for ourselves, and out of respect to God.

Dont get me wrong, im a fierce protector of free will.  People are free to do what they like.

But ive noticed the mentality shift.  Its frightening.

Its frightening how some bright people can be affected by this.

Its the “Kuwait effect”.  It truly is.

These double standards start growing on you.  You start craving these sins as a way to rebel against society.

A society we’ve created.

They keyword here is “WE”.

Yes, we’ve done that.  Not them, not him, or her.  WE have done that.

We, throughout the years, have allowed people to enforce things.

Enforce segregation.

Enforce on people what to wear.

Enforce on people what to drink.

Enforce on people where to go and when to come back, what to do and what not to do, without explaining why.  Just reminding them casually that they dont want to end up as a “bad human being”.

Why, for choosing a path different than yours?

People need to realise that kindness and righteousness are things we are in dire need of right now.

And when we come to blame and point fingers at why society is as it is today, why people crave what they crave and do what they do

We need to take a good look in the mirror and realise – we helped create that.

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