Video: What on earth is my parrot doing? Advice on what to do is welcome!

So, if anyone’s been following my Instagram recently  Instagram, you would have noticed a couple of pics of KooKoo, our pet parrot.

He/She aint young, apparently its 15 – 18 years old, i dont have its birth certificate but dad says its around that age.

We’ve bonded quite well, but recently Ive noticed a little bit of change in behaviour.

Previously, he (im gonna refer to it as he from now on, cuz KooKoo is a boss) used to get on my arm, up to my shoulders and just chill.

If id place him on another platform, he’d gently move on.  Easy peezy.

However, recently, he seems to get over-excited when hes on my arm.  I mean, he wags his tail, but grips my arm with his talons quite firmly, and that boy has talons longer than Paris Hiltons, so he dug them in quite deep.

Then he’d shake it like a salt shaker, left then right multiple times.  And he continues doing this, paying no attention to anything else for a good few minutes, until he suddenly freezes, and literally drops off my arm.

Its quite a sight, and quite painful.

Does anyone know what the hell this sort of behaviour means?

Is he trying to mate my arm?  Last I checked, Im a hairy dude, so its not like my arm is his version of Megan Fox.

Or is it?

What my arm looks like to my parrot.

In any case, I dont know if I feel flattered or violated.

I mean, we’re friends buddy.

You’re strictly in the friend zone.

Aint going further than that.

Heres a video of what he does when hes on my arm (I managed to push him onto his tree).


  1. rawan June 1, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    looks like he needs a lady in his life!

    • DrQ80 June 1, 2013 at 11:48 pm #

      Its become a daily thing!!

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