Thoughts of the day: I hope you meet your Black Widow

We all have that, thing.

That fire inside us.

Like all things in life, we can use it to our advantage,

and rise.

Or it could be our downfall

It can dim, or it can shine bright

But in either case, that fire never dies.

Because if that fire dies, you lose your soul.  You lose what makes you “be”.

You lose yourself.

And who are you, if not yourself?

Let that fire burn bright.  Dont just meet your goals.

Exceed them.

Dont just acknowledge your family.

Love them.

Dont just be there for your kids.

Guide them.

Its no shame to help those less privileged than us.

They have the same fire burning within them, and maybe one day they can add to your flame.

And if one day, your fire burns too bright, and you worry that you cant control it and may burn yourself and those around you,

Find her.

She’ll help you.  Tame you.  And calm you down.

For without her you may succeed.

But with her, you cant fail.

Find your Black Widow

And when the fire burns heavily in your chest

Let her in.  Let her dance your flame.

Let her in.

I hope you meet your Black Widow.


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