The Worlds (un)luckiest Man

Meet Frane Selak

This is what the worlds (un)luckiest guy looks like

The reason I’ve got the word (un)luckiest guy written the way it is, is because that definition is really up for discussion!  Some might consider him super lucky, others might think hes so unlucky its unreal.

The Story

So, on a cold day in January in 1962, a young Croatian music teacher named Frane Selak was hopping on a train to travel to a neighbouring area.  Little did he know that he had just embarked on a 40 year long odyssey of near death experiences / escapes.

So that train he was “embarking” on, crashed.  And when I say crashed, I mean it slid off the rails for no reason and dived into the icy river below.  17 people died, Frane Selak got up and swum to shore, despite a broken arm.

So a year passed, and Frane had to travel again.  He gave a nice middle fingered gesture to trains, and opted to fly on a plane.  This time, the door malfunctioned, sending the plane zooming back to earth.  The door burst open before impact and sent him flying out to land safely in a haystack below.

So since his “fuck that” list was rapidly expanding, he decided that from now on the only way he would travel would be by bus.  Until 1966, where he discovered that even buses lose control and plunge into icy cold rivers.  He got out and swam safely to shore, with no broken arm this time.

This list quickly expanded in his case

So if you were in that situation, you’d realise that you’re stuck with your trusty car to take you places.  And thats what he ended up doing, until 1970.  His car, out of no where, decided to catch fire and explode, but he had enough time to escape, like in the movies, before it went BOOM!.  I totally understand if that by this point, you’d much rather imagine him calmly walking away, smoking a cigar, with the car exploding in the background.

He still needed to go places, so he bought another car.  This one was a bit safer, as it didnt blow up.  But a hole in the fuel tank managed to catch fire and all the leaking petrol started spewing out of the car like a bloody flamethrower.  The car lost control and Selak managed to escape without any injuries except losing most of his hair in the flames.

By now, Selak was like “ok, il just champion my way through this by walking” and he was fine for years this way.  Until 1995, where he was hit SMACK by a bus.  The result?  Just a few minor injuries that didnt even require a hospital stay.

So he went back to driving, only because there was some added metal to protect him rather than being smacked directly.  This way, he managed to stay “accident free” for a whole year, spending amazing, with as one website quoted, “everything is not trying to kill me for once” time.  At this point, death itself hit the RED button.  And you know you should never hit the red button (will smith is told in Men in Black)

Selak was driving his car, a Skoda, up a mountain cliff when a United Nations bus came flying at him, hit his car, and sent it flying through the barrier into the 300m deep canyon below.  Only Selak wasnt in the car.

No, this elderly man managed to jump out of his car seconds before it fell from the cliff, and landed coolly on a tree nearby.

A this point, for whatever reason, an understanding – shall we say – must have been met, as no one could pull off a stunt like that in real life and not be called cheesy in hollywood.

Oh, and Selak?  He won the lottery in 2003.

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