The weird, the strange & the ugly

Weird stuff. Why do they happen? I mean, sure we’re all different but seriously some things are just inexcusably peculiar.

Ever been in a situation where you’re walking by some place for the first time, and its a place everyone goes to and possibly walk by 100 times a day, and you notice something that just shouldn’t be there.

Imagine yourself walking down a busy road (or in Kuwait, a busy mall, cuz thats about the only place people use their feet to walk around in rather than drive!) and you see a big fat pink elephant, or lady, singing a michael jackson song while shaving someones sideburns and having a coffee, and people just tend to walk by like its just another daily occurrence. You try your best to do the same, but that shit is too damn crazy to just ignore!

Im sure we’ve all been in that situation at some point. To some degree.

The thing is, these things are happening everywhere, all the time. Workplace, highway, at home, shopping malls. Seriously, I can prove it.

Lets start with the work place, where the majority of life’s weirdness takes place.

This is a report of an ultrasound of a patients “Abdomen” i.e the tummy, stomach, ba6in. Anywhere around that area is the abdomen.

Look closely at what investigation has been done. And folks, for those who don’t know, the thyroid gland is in the neck.

And for those of us who forget our shoes at work after coffee, well at least you’re not alone..

Sign reads “Outpatient Departments”. Literally.


At least we feel safe at work knowing these guys are there to protect our asses.



3gal / عقال hangers right in the parking lot for public use, as this gentleman clearly demonstrates.  These are part of our national clothing.  The go on our heads, not on a post in the parking lot.


One cup to rule them all.  Sharing is caring.20110322-110732.jpg

Casual-i-ty and proud.20110322-110752.jpg

Female toilet.  Its clear isnt it?  There’s a picture there and everything..20110322-110812.jpg

Just another random thing in-hospital.  A plastic bag stuffed on a window handle.20110322-110833.jpg

Physical abuse by our seniors accepted with a smile from our juniors.20110322-110855.jpg

The roof “floor”.20110322-110912.jpg

Setting the correct standard by showing the public that smoking IS acceptable.  (this picture is the first thing you see when you enter the ward).20110322-110928.jpg

Its one thing to make a spelling mistake.  Its another thing entirely to advertise it so plainly for everyone to see!20110322-110246.jpg

Banana peel in the same corridor we found the plastic bag (above).20110322-110312.jpg

We believe in big.  Luxury = big.20110322-110341.jpg

A parking spot made especially for this fire hydrant.20110322-110412.jpg

First thing I saw when I entered the parking lot elevator.20110322-111010.jpg

When “travellers” and “escalators” combine.20110322-111035.jpg

No smoking in the mall; yet an ashtray is clearly seen and dare I say a smoker as well. Psh.20110322-111055.jpg

When you get tired of categorising thing, spell it wrong and throw it under “stuff”.20110322-111113.jpg

So why not just take the water? (in hospital)

All hail the king. (in hospital)

What shouldn’t be in the picture? (besides me and Aziz)

When I asked the nurse if she disposed of needles in a sharps box, the reply I got was “huh?”.


  1. Dalal May 21, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    Shocking, hilarious, unbelievable is all I can say!!

  2. DrQ80 May 22, 2011 at 7:48 am #

    Crazy thing is that I took those pics myself, AND i left some out because the site wasnt loading that fast towards the end ;p

  3. Fajardo May 23, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Doc… Might I suggest checking out the “Roof Floor” at Mubarak? I have some pics that I’d rather keep to myself, but YOU out of all people would be amazed with how messy things are as well as the, excuse my french, S***** quality of services/maintenance provided on site. Unfortunately, it’s Sad but True. Dem niggaz are fools !!!

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