The Maiasaura

Season 2, Episode 21 of the Flash CW-DC was fantastic, especially this emotional scene where Barry Allen (The Flash) has a heart to heart with his mother (who is dead in the show):


Once a little dinosaur, called a Maiasaura, who lived with his mother, told his mother:

“I wish I was special like the other dinosaurs.  If I were a T-Rex I would chomp with my ferocious teeth.”

“But if you were a T-Rex” said his mother, “how would you hug me with your tiny little arms?”

“I wish I were an apatosaurus” said the little dinosaur. “So with my long neck I could see high above the treetops.”

“But if you were an apatosaurus” said his mother. “How would you hear me in the treetops when I told you I love you?

What makes you so special, little maiasaura” said its mother “isnt your ferocious teeth, or long neck or pointy beak.

What makes you special is out of all the different dinosaurs in the big wide world, you have the mother who is just right for you and who will always love you.”


Love your mother, make her proud.

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