Tap Bots

You know when you come across a random set of apps that are just GREAT by mistake?

Well thats what happened with me.

This one is called Pastebot. The way it works is just so simple, which is why its so good.

Basically, you download the app to your iphone thru the appstore. And anything you copy (photo, text etc..) is saved in this app up to 99 items, from there you can copy and paste it wherever you want; or edit the content and add a filter or two onto the photo then paste it.

That makes it a good app. This is what makes its GREAT

*you must own a mac for the following to work, otherwise it wont*

1. Download pastebot sync to your mac, and turn it on.

2. Make sure you are connected to the same wifi connection, set it up.

3. Now watch the magic happen. Switch on pastebot on your iphone, and make sure there is a blue light signalling that there is a connection between your mac and the program. On your mac, type anything in any app (up in the URL or in text edit app, wherever you’re happy) then:

-Copy it

-Check your iphone

What you just right click / copied AUTOMATICALLY appears on your app, and i mean instantly. This works for photos too, just right click / copy it and boom, its on your iphone (as long as pastebot app is switched on).

It works the other way around as well. Just type anything in the iphone, copy it. Open the pastebot app and locate your file.

Using your finger, tap your file for 3 seconds and hold. Check your monitor on your laptop – boom – its there.

Its just amazing. Save your long texts for when you can use it with pastebot.

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