“Socially Acceptable”



A term that annoys the living hells out me.

Socially Acceptable –  showing standards of behaviour that are socially and morally acceptable

So why is it so important to become “socially acceptable” in this society?

To make integration easier?

To make life easier?

So people can accept you?

So you don’t feel like an alien?

So you lose your identity?

Your freedom of expression?

Which is it?  What ive written above are more different as you go down the list.

The question I tend to ask myself most are “why don’t people accept me for what I am?” Why must I change to become accepted?

My changing denotes that they are in fact in the right and I am in the wrong.  And people like me tend to believe that for a wee while..

Until we open our eyes.

And realize that it is people like us who are the good in this society.

The backbone.

The people who actually give two shits about what happens to our country, our people, our future.

Not them.

Yeh so we’re a little different, yeh so we have our little quirks here and there.  But isn’t it whats in the heart that counts?  Or must I drive a supercar, flash the cash, live a lifestyle that doesn’t suit me so that you may “accept” me?

I laughed out loud when I read that one of the members of parliament is writing up a law that “prevents girls from travelling unless with a chaperone”.  Im even LOL’ing as I write that sentence.  My God .. I truly pity the mindset that generates such lunacy.. Its so crazy its funny.

Ladies, travel the world quick, you may not be able to soon.  Well, unless your brother is with you.

And the corruption since my first post? Rife as ever.  Snowballing as we speak and eating everything in its path.

Its actually not making news anymore, that’s how common its become.

Whatever happened to patriotism, pride, loyalty, tolerance and acceptance?

Yeh, I didn’t really expect you to understand those terms.

But I thought id throw them out there, and maybe help you grasp one or two of them.

To “my” people.  Chin up, and keep doing what you doin.

Its people like us that are what little hope this society has left.

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