Review: Dr Boutique

“Be Unique with Dr Boutique” was the slogan on the bag I received at home by Dr Boutique herself.

With a big influx in amazing new medical stores in Kuwait, its looking more and more likely that competition will be rife.  Thats good news for us customers.

Dr Boutique is currently, as I understand, a medical store run by a single person.  Expansion is in the works, but currently specialises in home delivery.  Products are available to view on Instagram.

I recently ordered a couple of mugs from the store and was delighted to have a cheerful owner update me whenever my product had become in stock.

Even if I myself had forgotten.

I was dismayed by the rotten timing as Im travelling to Japan tomorrow, but was delighted by an unfazed owner who took it upon herself to make sure I received the item on the same day.

Excellent service.

Packaging + Logo = Clear, simple, with all necessary contact information down the side.  Receipt was presented in an envelope & had all information printed and clear, with proper attention to detail.

Product quality = I ordered 2 mugs, and both had their packaging well wrapped in bubble wrap and undamaged.

Delivery Time = Superb

Price = Quite pricy, which may put off some consumers.  However, Kuwait customs do overcharge which forces some owners to overcharge slightly.

Even though there are cheaper options out there, I would still definitely recommend this store simply due to the diversity of the products available as well as the extremely friendly customer service and delivery flexibility.  Great choice.

Contact Details:

Telephone: +96590922707


Instagram: dr_boutique

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