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From time to time, you come across a gem of a website, that simply isnt something you browse everyday, but the pure time and effort put into its content makes you stand up and say “This is an excellent job”. Thats what happened the other day when a buddy called Ahmed Safer posted a piece of work on facebook. I was casually scrolling through my timeline (yeh, facebook, its been ages) and was clicking on every single post. Until I saw this



“Fu*k off” is what I said, in my head. That word tends to pop into my head when I mean to say “wow”.

Especially when I read below “From my imagination to the computer”. From your IMAGINATION? Whenever I imagine a dragon, I end up drawing this


All the guys I know either cant draw for shit either, or get their mums to draw their art homework for them (Mulla and Abdulsalam). So I’ll leave you with some of the pics that I liked, keep in mind these are also drawn on the iPad as well. How thats possible is beyond me.

Check out the full gallery at http://www.ahmedsaferart.com

R-E-S-P-E-C-T mate.

iPad Art

Pencil Art

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