Poem: Remember why we died

I sit and wonder to myself some weeks

If these rain drops are sometimes tears, running down someones cheeks

From way up high, in the heavens above

Crying over someone, or something they love

Then I take to wondering about my beautiful land

And I remember those who died for it, fighting, buried deep in the sand

I wonder what they would say, if they were to sit here with me

Would they be proud of us, or would their tears fill the sea?

“We have built naught worth mentioning, since those fateful days

When you gave your lives for us, when Kuwait went down in a blaze

But we beg you, tell us, have we done anything great

For we have dreams that are difficult to reach, but alas, such is fate”

I feel that if I were to say those words, to one of our beloved martyrs

I dont think they would be best pleased, im sure of that for starters

“You speak like you are more important than our beloved earth

Filled to the brim with pride, dont over estimate your worth

You forget our fates are one, for death does not discriminate

But you spend your time dividing, detaching, to stay separate

We gave our lives in glory, with our heads held high

Your young we cannot recognize, they are nothing but a distant cry

To what this land deserves, nay, for what it weeps

While you sit there watching other pass you, with bounds and leaps

Material was, is, and will always be the same, just look at the history of mankind

People are remembered for what they lived and died, my son, can you truly be so blind?

Love your country, your people, the land from which you came

Stop offering that which is of no worth, and stop attaching blame

To people, and instead make a sincere attempt to change

That cannot be too much to ask, that cannot be a request too strange

It takes courage to finally bind with yourself, to be comfortable in your skin

In these days of days, when people sin.. and sin

Raise high your head, raise high your chin

And remember these heartfelt words “Change comes from within”

We ask not that you change the world, or split the sea far and wide

We ask only that you remember us, my son, remember why we died”


  1. Dalal February 8, 2014 at 8:38 pm #

    Great piece Abdulla! Love it

    • DrQ80 February 9, 2014 at 1:01 am #

      Thanks Dilly !

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