Poem: It Takes One

Sleep is king, on a shift that’s never light

The one bespoken, is that of the night

Especially whence you combine that with a country like Kuwait

The land of opportunity, corruption and hate

But that of course is a poem for another hour

We yearn for positivity, and something to help empower

Us into believing, that everything is going to be alright

Well listen to my (medical) story, let me shed some light

Late in the shift, early in the morning of the very next day

Came in a lovely old lady, who was clearly being made to pay

The price for all those midnight snacks, that she obviously devoured

Without realising what she was doing to herself, and how she might have soured

“I had chest pain and sweating, now im not a doctor, but I believe that needs a look at”

Oh dear I thought, “heart” symptoms dont get much more text book than that

“Tell me more about your symptoms love, did you lose consciousness or feel dizzy?”

“Oh no no none of that, but my hair was kind of frizzy!”

I smiled to myself, and even allowed myself a little giggle

But as life would have it, as I wrote my notes, the old lady started to jiggle

In her seat, stopped responding and started to snore

“She must have fallen asleep doctor” Said the nurse “You must be quite a bore!”

“I believe we witnessed a heart attack” I replied, with urgency in my voice

“Lets attempt to resuscitate her, we have no other choice”

After minutes of interventions, that appeared to yield no results

The old lady uttered some words I cannot mention here, as they were passionate insults

I do not blame her though, I would do the same If had

A doctor that weighed a ton pounding my chest at 3am, I would feel just as bad

Finally, after what seemed like forever, the cardiologists graced our department

And took our lovely old lady, while I pondered going home to my apartment

The next day at work, I decided to pass them by

I walked from cubicle to cubicle, until I was suddenly greeted with a “hi”

It was our lovely old lady, with the colour back in her face!

I was overtaken by joy, its a wonderful feeling knowing you won the race

Its nights such as this one, that leave you in a wonderful stun

Its true what they say, when days get dark, dont give up for all it takes, is one.


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  1. Dalal February 8, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Hahaha very good read! I enjoyed it quite a bit! Went from sorrow, grief to comedy and relief all in one!

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