Pigeon Market

>Yeh, you non-Kuwaitis reading this, you read right.  The title of this blog is “Pigeon Market”, and thats where Ive been today, with non-other than the King Ali himself.  Kuwaits “pigeon market” / سوق الحمام even though its got more than pigeons.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that because you find many things on the cheap there, it attracts some dodgy people at times.  So we had to act “tough” to blend in.  Its difficult when its me and King Ali, especially in Capri shorts.

Anyway, this place has every kind of animal you can think of.  Well, not EVERY kind, but seriously, very close.  My dad used to take me when we were kids on an almost weekly basis, mainly because I used to buy fish or small chicks when I was 7, and we all know that chicks and fish have a lifespan of 1 week.  Worldwide.  Its just how it is…

But seriously, the things you see there are just wonderful and sad at the same time.  You see all the cat species you can think of, monkeys, rabbits, birds, parrots, and of course pigeons.

But then you see something like this:

Pink & Green dogs.  Yes, they’re real.

Seriously, what the hell? (Stop laughing you heartless people :p)

I mean, ive heard of marketing strategies before, but this is just a bit overboard wouldnt you think?  Seriously dude, pink and green DOGS?

One lady came by and let the guy know what she thought in no uncertain terms.

“Why would you do such a thing, how would you feel if someone coloured you pink?”

“مو حرام عليك؟ تبيني الونك وردي؟؟!”

To be honest, in all my years going there with my dad, that was a first.  We did however see something that was quite “aww” and quite cool at the same time.  We’ve been holding back on the “ooh’s” and the “aah’s” as part of the blending in strategy.

But that all went out of the window when King Ali said “Alaaaaaaaaaaah, Chiiiiwaaawaaa! (chiuaua)”.  Talk about blowing our cover for F**ks sake..

This chiuaua was one of 6 or 7 dogs in the trunk of a Jeep.  Not any Jeep, it was on with a surround system and tv on top that played Michael Jackson songs and looked like a nightclub for .. dogs.  It was THAT cool, honestly.

Here it is:

And then you had the parrots that I usually wouldnt video record.  But these guys were all red and stuff, they deserved to be taped:

In case you havent realised by now, King Ali is starring in this blog for today.  We all need our five minutes of fame.

All in all, I guess it was a change from the regular routine, but we didnt buy anything this time round.  Scouting the area for now, and here is one last thing we saw that Im pretty sure wasnt there 14 years ago when I went with my dad …

Multi-Storey Parking!

No, thats not a hill, we dont have many of those in Kuwait.  Its the sand-hill thats there temporarily while they dig around a construction site.

Cars have parked up there.

This stuff doesnt surprise me anymore, but its still funny.


  1. Mariam Almutairi August 28, 2012 at 5:19 pm #

    Coloring the dogs is such a bad idea. poor babies!
    But ur hella funny, love the blog. very nice. keep it up

    • DrQ80 August 28, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

      I know, problem is I dont see any animal cruelty people doing anything about it. Think we need to sort out our human rights first in this area of the world before we sort out the fate of animals!

      Any critiques on the blog are welcome 🙂

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