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Had an interesting conversation today with a couple of doctors, and as the atmosphere is currently a political one, what with all the election campaigns going on, the conversation slowly drifted towards politics.  We started speaking about the current increase in “ignorance” and “arrogance” in society.

Its important to differentiate between being educated and being ignorant.  Many people will say “How can you say there is an increase in ignorance when so many people in Kuwait have a bachelors / masters / PhD in blah blah.”

You can be a professional, or a post graduate, yet ignorant in some issues, they are two very distinctly separate things.

We complained about things being “hopeless” or “pointless” and that all the MP’s in parliament are “secreted” from the society itself.

They represent US.  They are the ones who follow up ministers on their ministries failings, which in essence means keeping people who work for the ministry in check, which in turn means quality control.

Then a decent question was asked by one of the doctors, one which we should all ask ourselves

Are we any different?

I wondered what he meant, and he went one to clarify

“As individuals, we complain about the bribery issues that happened in parliament.  How this MP makes life easy for one person and not the other.  How ministers should start applying the law onto people who break it.  How the country is going downhill and that no one cares.

How many of US do so many of those things on a different level on a daily basis?

How many of us

  • Give 10% at work when other people in other countries or those in private sectors give 100%.
  • Throw our litter out the car window while driving
  • Smoke in hospitals and other closed areas
  • Queue up for Pinkberry but not while in hospital, and certainly not while driving on the road (Those people that skip everyone at the U-turn for example!)
  • Still collect 50kd from the government even though our sons and daughters are currently employed and earn a salary
  • Sign our relatives at “Diwan Al-Khedma” and make 300-500KD per month بدل بطالة \ unemployment allowance through them
  • Take medicine for our relatives from the hospital, yet throw them away because “who needs Panadol / Brufen / Antibiotics”
  • Look for the cleanest place when going for a barbecue, yet leave ALL our rubbish behind when we leave”
  1. There are SO many things we tend to do on a daily basis that directly contradict all the things that we complain about!

  2. We are rude, inconsiderate, steal, bribe, cheat and waste, yet we expect our MP’s to be better than us?
  3. Its true that in order to create change in a society, one must REALLY start with himself / herself.
  4. The reason for that is, its NOT THAT SIMPLE to change yourself, so how in the world do you expect people to listen to you when you complain about others behaviours?
  5. Lets see what the Kuwaiti people do about the next crop of MP’s, since they will directly be  the end result of our voting.
  6. On that note, il leave you with a very popular video thats going around right now regarding voting.  TAFREG campaign.  Watch it (its in arabic) and for once, for the benefit of all that is good in this country, apply it on yourself.

[vsw id=”EeKAaLbDXS4″ source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”365″ autoplay=”no”]


  1. DrQ80 January 24, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    Apologies for the weird bullet pointing

    Technical errors ;p

  2. anonymous February 16, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    I AGREE on ALL points…

    We are rude and inconsiderate. We believe we are entitled to everything.
    I can’t believe I never thought about it this way… we (actually they since I don’t) queue up in Pinkberry but not the road or hospital. The other day I was in the hospital in “line” (since it was hardly a line)… it was ALL men except for me… I wanted one man to say “tifathilay”.. mako! Some actually felt they had the right to just go ahead in front of me. RUDE! Sij nas mo mitrabeen oo mako manners.

    What saddens me with young mothers is that they are more concerned about dressing up their children in fancy clothes to show them off than teach them manners. They teach their children entitlement from the day they are born. It’s sad. And I honestly don’t see that changing.

    • DrQ80 February 16, 2012 at 9:36 am #

      Im glad you notice this, its quite depressing really, but dont let it demotivate you. Its funny and such a cliche, but it became that way because of the number of times it has been repeated

      “Start with yourself”, then those around you.. Try to educate and give examples of how you managed to do it and apply it. Bes itha kil wa7id feena iloom il thani, ma ra7 inkhalis 🙂

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