Pee Yourself

It really does frustrate me.  It honestly does, and im glad im not alone in this.

I am truly convinced we are not far behind the west in terms of knowledge, education etc.. We certainly have the resources.  What we lack is the work ethic and morality that is involved in what we do.

But what happened a few days back was taking the piss.  Literally.

A patient came in, like many others do in our line of work, with what we call an “open-book pelvic fracture”

Basically, their pelvis looks like this in an xray (note: this is not the patients xray)

Normal Pelvis Xray

Open Book Fracture of the Pelvis







Its called an open book, because well, its quite obvious, it looks like you’ve opened the pelvis like a book.  This patient is obviously not in any state to move.

What shocked me was this.  Speaking to one of the specialities actively involved in the direct care of this patient, I asked politely whether they were planning on inserting a urinary catheter (a tube into the urethra so the patient can literally pee into a bag).

“Does the patient need to pee now?”

Me: “Yes, shes quite desperate”

“She can pee herself”

Me: “Excuse me?  You’ve got to be joking?”

“Its not the most important thing right now.  Oh well, get her a bed pan if you really want to help”

A bed pan, im all for it!  But dude, the patient CANNOT MOVE to pee on the bed pan underneath her!

Have we literally gotten THIS bad?  Pee herself??  Seriously?

Dont worry though, we sorted her out and got one of the friendly urologists to insert a urinary catheter in the end.

Pee herself… Bloody hell.

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