Philosophical post this time round, love this quote: Whether or not you win this thing.  You gotta decide how you’re gonna walk out of here once its all said and done. Cuz the game is always going to go on. And there is one rule you’re going to need to know about. “There are no […]


Im gonna try to keep this one short and to the point, because Im getting complaints from some people who say “your blogs are too long !”.  Dunno if thats just an excuse as to not to hurt me for not reading my blog or not, but Ill keep it short-ish and less philosophical for […]

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

>Life’s interesting.  Seriously, in all aspects.  سبحان الله I mean, is there anything else in this world besides this entity of “life” that can turn a moment of utter euphoria into your worst hellish nightmare?  And vice versa. Really, think about it.  You’re Bayern Munich in the champions league final, you’re leading Manchester United 1-0 […]

Pigeon Market

>Yeh, you non-Kuwaitis reading this, you read right.  The title of this blog is “Pigeon Market”, and thats where Ive been today, with non-other than the King Ali himself.  Kuwaits “pigeon market” / سوق الحمام even though its got more than pigeons. One thing to keep in mind though, is that because you find many […]

New Pitch in Town

>Fresh out of Sheikh Jaber Stadium ستاد جابر where Kuwait was playing Bahrain in an “International Frendlies” week. We lost 3 – 1 by the way. To be honest, I was surprised with the stadium.  In a good way more than bad actually. It was actually an excellent stadium.  The pitch was great, the seats […]

10 Things you can accomplish in 1 month.

>Strange title, isnt it? Well, I did a little bit of research (google), and apparently there quite a few things you can do in a month, but we’ll get into these a little later in this post. Oh, I finally managed to get my paperwork evaluated from the Ministry of Higher Education, or at least […]

Welcome to Kuwait

>After 7 years of med school and work in the Uk, you could say I sorta “acclimatised” to the way things work over there.  And on the most part, it really wasnt that complicated.They say wait in the queue and you’ll be served, they mean it.  Fair enough, sometimes the queue is as long as […]