MGSV: I wont scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea

The day when video games were for kids is long gone.

In the game Metal Gear Solid Five: The Phantom Pains, the hero (Snake) had to kill his own comrades in an attempt to quell an outbreak of a parasitic infection that took hold on their mother base.  Now this was especially hard, since this group of soldiers were closer than brothers.  They were all literally family, with Snake as their leader.

The words were chilling, and the scene as a whole was emotional.  Having died by his hand, he decided against throwing their ashes into the sea, but instead converting their ashes into diamonds and embroidering them on their uniforms to carry into battle with them.

Watch the scene below.


I wont scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea

I will always be with you

Plant your roots in me

I wont see you end as ashes

You are all diamonds

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