Mada Internet

Quality was nearing its end, so I joined this company called MADA for internet solutions.

Dude, they’re not bad.

And they’re not that “new”, they’ve been in the market for 20 years now, but exclusively to businesses.  They have recently opened up their towers to individuals since June 2011.

The Pros

1. The setup is as easy as a.b.c.  Seriously.

A) Open the box, unpack the stuff.

B) Connect the Mada Soho Router to the power supply.  Wait a little.

C) Log into the router through your browser and change the username and password.  If you want.  Otherwise, you were done at B.

The actual router “emits” the internet.  So no landline needed, just a power supply.

2. They state their internet speeds are UP TO 10Mb.  The first thing Ive done was try out

Not bad

The fastest Id gotten from Qualitynet was 2.4Mb download.

My second attempt showed 6.08Mb download  This is the fastest Ive seen personally from an ISP in Kuwait so far.

3. For a company thats opened up to individuals since June 2011, having this much coverage of 4G is not bad.  There are still areas (Jahra, etc.) that have patches not covered yet, but new towers are being built there.  You can take your router to the Chalet, coverage over there is quite decent Ive heard.

4. Price: At present, they’ve got 2 packages

-3 month package: 60KD + 40KD for the router = 100KD

-1 year package: 240KD + Router for free

So you’re basically paying 20Kd a month.  Not bad, considering we’re paying 23 Kd for Wataniya 3G service on our phones, or is it 21 KD for Zain?

The Cons

1. Its as fast as the place you live in, and where the router is placed.  So place it in the basement, and it might not pick up a great signal from the towers in your area.  Also, it emits a signal 20 – 25 metres radius.  So, if you live in a big house (like I do, cuz im just bad that way) Mom and Dad will be up your bum bum telling you that your new internet connection is crap.  Its just not reaching them.

Solution: Access points.  Find someone who knows how to set up small access points to boost the signal, and you’re sorted.  The solution regarding your area is well, wait until new towers are built.

As is evident, I still havent figured out the best place to place the router..

2. Because they are working on the coverage in the country, there is some noticeable downtime.  This is due to the the network “expanding”, and usually lasts about an hour.  Its good in the long run I guess, but it sucks for that hour some days.

3. Customer service: Many complaints about these guys not having a clue what to do, or even not picking up.  I asked one of the sales reps about this, and he told me this was due to them “relocating” to a bigger office.  Whether this will improve or not, well, time will tell.

Solution: If you run into any problems, google it!  Changes are, other people have run into them.


Final Word

New competition is good competition.  Especially in a country where everything is ridiculously overpriced.  The Pros greatly outweigh the Cons in my opinion.  Compared with other ISPs, where I was paying around the same price for 2-4Mb connection that rarely hit 4Mb.

If you live in an average sized house, or few others use the internet besides yourself, then the router is enough.  But if your house is quite big with the whole family in on the game, then make sure you set up some access points, or get someone to set them up for you to boost the signal.

Having said that, I would much rather stick to a landline based ISP like Qnet, Fast-telco and the rest.  They offer speeds up 20Mb, BUT only if your lines are fibre-optic and not the standard old school Copper based wires.  Otherwise, the maximum your line can handle is approximately 3 or 4Mb.

This same day last year, I had asked whether they were bringing fibre optic cables to Mishref.  The answer I got was “within the year, of course”  Its been a year, and Mishref is still using copper bases wiring.  My internet is still disconnecting when it hits 4Mb.


I unfortunately have lost faith in many aspects, so Mada is a breath of fresh air from this point of view.  No landline required, no mathala waiting for shit to happen.  God forbid, inthalaina enough.


  1. Hamad T October 28, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Dont get you’re hopes up bro.. Ive had it for 3 months now. They told me that i can try it for the first week, and if im not satisfied, ill get my money back.. Well 2 weeks goes by, im in love with it.. But ever since, it has been so crappy, that i just give up on surfing the web and use my phone for internet, it really does get THAT BAD !!

    I dont know if they make it work perfectly for the first week, to lock u in with the contract, and after that they just dont give a f**k.. Or that they really are “expanding” or whatever..

    Bottom line, its sh*t.. As well as all the internet “solutions” in kuwait.

    • DrQ80 October 28, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

      Its hard to justify such a thing, because if you look at all the internet “solutions” as you put it, many will tell you similar stories. Internet, especially from a 4G network, fluctuates according to many things. Congestion periods, network failures, maintenance and thats besides “background” fluctuation that occurs because of how a 4G network works. Its almost like a frequency, it goes up and down. Try moving the router somewhere, I swear if you see the map I saw with the sales rep, theres coverage that sometimes covers HALF a house, and a certain section just gets none.

      I wouldnt call it shit after 3 months, especially since it started in June. Part of the pitfalls of joining early is that you put up with the major changes and expansions. Maybe thats what been happening? Anyway, its certainly better than Qnet so far…

  2. Capitan October 29, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    bidal hal sowalif oo hal reviews wa9il internet connection laih el sirdab wil maktab ana agool ;p

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