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I was out today with my family, just another day out having lunch, walking n talking.  Then a certain topic came up that got the minds and souls stimulated.

Who do you really believe judges you in this world?  Whose judgement do you actually care about?

And in reality, that answer isnt so simple as you might think.  We all (or those of us who believe in an organized religion) say that we are judged by God, and solemnly swear that only He will judge us.  Yet, our actions speak otherwise.

So much emphasise is put on “what to wear” or “where to go / not go”, not to swear etc.. but people forget that these qualities are easily manipulated.  What you cant manipulate, or struggle to, is changing someone from the inside out.

Change in general, is hard.  Earlier in the year, there was a tit of an MP who wanted to pass a law that brings down all the churches in Kuwait, in what he saw was a way to further the islamification of the country.  But, doesnt Islam teach compassion? Didnt the prophet (PBUH) live freely with christians and jews?  Didnt he even tell us to eat from their food?

Nelson Mandela (portrayed wonderfully by Morgan Freeman in the movie Invictus) was asked early on, during an interview, if it was true that he “supported the team that played against the Springboks” (the South African national rugby team) and he replied:

“If I cannot change when circumstances demand it, how can I expect people to”

The reason that quote has resonated within me since I saw the movie, is due to how true it is.  Men here, generally speaking, tend to force women to “cover up” as, in all honesty, that is something that Islam asks women to do, so I dont have many qualms with what is asked, just how the message is conveyed.

However, it just so happens that those same men lie, cheat, beat, disregard the law in many aspects and teach their sons and daughters to do the same in an effort to “milk the country”.  Strangely enough, I read into my religion and noticed that right next to line where it says “cover up” it also asks us to love our neighbours, love our country, live by its laws, treat people with the same kindness we expect to be treated with, not not lie or cheat and to NEVER beat your wife.

Now, how does that make sense?  Why is it that people focus mostly on COVERING UP and disregarding all the other issues that come with raising a proper family – like good morals, honesty and compassion?

My dear friends, wake up.

We live a life based on what he / she thinks we should live.  We whine about long hours of jobs yet a new study came out showing that the average Kuwaiti citizen works 16 MINUTES a day.  You know that story mentioned in the Quran about how certain populations will be wiped out because of its growing sins, guess who falls into that category?

We live in an age where:

We marry people we dont like

We shop for things we dont want

We buy cars we cannot afford

All to please people we dont care about!

By this point, you are probably thinking “nah, this doesnt include me, im independent, hes talking about the general population”.  Well, look at your own lives, sincerely, and think to yourselves, how many of the major decisions you have made have been for the good of this country, or have been to please only yourself?

Ask yourself, what are the REAL reasons you wouldnt drive, say, a corolla to work?  Its more efficient than a porsche, but it certainly wont get you any looks from the babes.

Ask yourself, why do you style your hair the way are right now? Cuz its comfortable to have it OH SO SPIKY, or because thats whats “in” right now?

Girls, why do you jewel yourselves from top to bottom, and then tell every single friend of yours how much it costs?  Because the more expensive, the more hotter you become?

Ask yourselves the reasons you wouldnt give birth in the maternity hospital instead of the Royal Hayat?  Because the care there is crap, or because what the ladies that come visit the next day would think?

I am not asking you to buy a corolla, or to give birth at the crap maternity hospital we have, but I AM asking you to not buy it / give birth there for the RIGHT reasons.  For your own reasons.  Not for what he / she thinks about it.

The reason you wont have as many people around you when you’re wearing shit clothes and driving a shit car is because that stuff only attracts shit people.  Thats when your REAL friends show up.

Folks.. change isnt about what you’re wearing, its about why you chose to buy it in the first place.  Its not about who you help, its about why you chose to help that person.

There is only person out there who is worthy enough to judge us all.  Before we point the finger at everyone else in the world, what do you think He will say about you?

He gave you that money, where did you spend it?

He gave you that family, how often did you thank them?

He put you in that country to feed off its earth, how did you pay it back?

Live your best life people.  Purify your souls with good deeds, love people with an open heart, enjoy your days, and remember that you ARE human and you will make mistakes.

Everything else will follow as long as the heart is pure.  Thats how a true muslim would think.


  1. dalal April 8, 2012 at 10:02 am #

    Great post 🙂 I don’t know why, but I felt liberated after reading that!

    • DrQ80 April 8, 2012 at 10:04 am #

      Im glad you liked it. Its a way of life we live by on a daily basis, and as humans we tend to want everything to change.. except us.

  2. Fajardo April 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    Well to make more interesting (or depressing for that fact) ;p

    The study actually shows that the average Kuwaiti works 16 minutes a WEEK not a day ;p

    Impressive huh? ;p

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