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So I was at my grandmas on Wednesday, and heard my aunts talking about getting some special invites to this “grand opening” of some hotel. Usually, I wouldn’t be interested. But Kuwait, being the source of all things fun these days, made me decide to go anyway.

(Thank you Kuwait)

Pick up the phone, call the main man himself, Fajardo Lopez, and off we go.

I kept hearing about this new hotel people were talking about, the Missoni Hotel. Didn’t know what was so special about it, mainly because I couldn’t find it! Every time I asked Aziz where it was, he’d go:

“Next to Olympia”

So I go to Olympia, and all I see is Planet Hollywood. No hotel in sight. Then after quite a little deliberation, I came across a place called Symphony (which I believe is a hotel as well? Im not sure, ill blog about it when I go again) which was a good 900 m AWAY from Olympia.

Invites in hand, we walk in.


Picture this big hall, with a mini-orchestra playing as you walk in.

We took a picture with them cuz they were a "hot" band

Then, we were told to make our way to the 2nd floor, and we were all given these maps of a tour of the hotel, and certain floors we were meant to visit in a certain order. At the end of every floor, we collect our gift and move on to the next floor.

The hotel was great, I personally liked the second floor because it had this outdoor section to it with an open air restaurant, pool, chill music and an entrance to a spa. Its great for a chill out with family, friends, and dare-i-say a date.


Inside though, they had divided up the floor into this massive ballroom where weddings could be held, Im assuming, and a restaurant which further on lead to these multi-coloured chocolate fountains!

Charlie and the chocolate factory!

We went up to the 17th and 18th floor which showed us the presidential suite and restaurant. The doors to the presidential suite were open wide we didn’t realise we walked in until someone asked the guide

Person: “wheres the presidential suite?”

Guide: “uh, you’re in it”

Presidential Suite balcony

Thats not to say it wasn’t impressive. It was an apartment in its own right, it had everything you could think of in that room, hell, even a TUB right next to the living room, which actually didn’t look out of place strangely enough.

The spa though, gave way to the most hilarious piece of action I’ve seen in a while. The whole thing took maybe 5 seconds, but I wouldnt sell those 5 seconds for anything in the world. Especially when it involves Fajardo Lopez.

There’s a room in the spa which consists of a circular “mini-pool” right in the centre, and you have to walk AROUND it to get to the other room.

Fajardo did not digest that piece of information, and decided to text and walk in this room of all places.

Fajardo after his lovely dip in the pool.

He looked up though, after his right foot was hovering above the pool followed by the rest of his body and possibly 80% of his dignity. He was soaked right up to the knees, and the 2 old ladies standing right behind us in the queue weren’t going to let him forget this in a hurry.

They pissed themselves laughing, mean old hags. Not to say I didn’t do exactly the same.

Dignity at 20%.

We then met the one and only Mrs Missoni, an elderly italian lady who designed the whole hotel, inside and out. After complimenting her on a job well done, I asked her where was good to go to in Italy, and she replied with a beautifully rich italian accent:

“Eh! You-a have-a Roma! Milano! Veneeeesya!”

What a show off, So i replied:

“Well we have Mishref, Jabriya and Hawalli!”

That showed her.

We concluded the night by chilling at the bar, having a chat with the bartender who was from Rome (90% of the staff were italian, which I thought was a nice touch. Except for one indian dude and a guy whose nationality I cant spell). The music was good enough to get a couple of neck-nods from Fajardo.

Bottom line, the hotel was ace guys. Check it out, its at the Symphony place whatever it is, and its worth a check out or even a dine-out there.

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