“Get To Know” Video Series

Recently Ive found that we tend to know so much about so many people, but as muslims know only bits and pieces of our own heroes.  Now, im not saying this will be a super comprehensive detailed look into every muslim person in history, no, far from it.  However, I decided to compile a series of videos published over a period of time so that we may get to know certain heroes of Islamic history.  

They will encompass the following:

  1. They will not be in any order except by personal preference story wise.
  2. They will be in english dialogue (as most of the videos I have liked are by english speaking sheikhs / historians etc.)
  3. I will try to not post controversial videos, although this will most likely fail thanks to our division as people, so I will probably end up posting controversial views lol

They will be labeled as “GTK series – So and So” in the title, so if you search the blog they will be found as GTK or GTK series.

Thats about it, hope you enjoy them as I find em!

As always, peace.

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