Event: Kuwait Young Entrepreneurs (KYE) Exhibition


Not-for-profit charity exhibition for small Kuwaiti businesses. Includes any business from fashion designers to Tech specialists.


Holy Month of Ramadan, 8pm – 12am every Thursday, Friday, Saturday.


Newly renovated ALADDIN Center in Salmiya

Abdullateef Al Fozaie
Mobile: 94419882
Email: apply@Kuwait-yes.com


I’ll cut to the chase with this event and let you read it from the horses mouth:

The idea behind it is to create an open forum for Kuwaiti Entrepreneurs that are trying to start a business to showcase their creativity and innovation without having to gauge their wallets and to protect the greater good and hence the non for profit nature. All are proceeds go to charity. Period.

The idea is simple, in order for us to weed out the undesirables there will be a process of elimination in which a handful of applicants are called back to present their business/project to a panel of judges, if they succeed in wowing the panel then and only then can they participate.

Our unique selection methodology is what sets us apart from other exhibitions and trade ¬shows; we are looking for individuals with unique talents to showcase true Kuwaiti work ethic and creativity. We are not looking for your run of the mill resellers and rebranders.

Over the length of 4 weeks, dividing them into 4 groups of 10 with a new set every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8pm till 12am.

Be it Fashion Designers or a Tech Specialist we’re looking to diversify our participant portfolio giving equal opportunity to all.


• Creative Art & Design

• Fashion

• Technology

• Culinary Arts “Food Stuffs”

• Non-for-Profit

• Other.

Sounds like an event worth checking out.

Below are a few pics I was allowed to post, however the rest has been decided to be revealed closer to launch date.

Indoor football pitch

Further media coverage of the event below:

Al-Rai tv highlighting the event

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  1. Sayantan Chaudhuri October 1, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    I am from India. I would like to tie up or work for young kuwati enterprise involved in engineering type of work as an employee. The idea behind being to use my abilities to help young kuwaitis and to earn my living as well.

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