Dont piss a kid off

Post contains GROSS pictures


Working for more than a month in the ED now, learned a few things:

1. Protect yourself from from airborne illness
Wear a mask

2. Protect yourself from blood spatter
Buy goggles

3. Protect yourself from people

But how was I to expect that little kids BITE!!!

Ok fair enough, he had a teenie weenie injury




So that tiny thing needed to be pulled to “reduce” the bones into their correct position, which would relieve the pain quite a lot.

So the orthopaedic guy ask me to hold his elbow down, with my arm across this kids body.

So I did.

So he pulled his hand until it “Crunched” back into place.

So the kid fuckin BIT my arm!!

I aint even joking


Its nothing at all because i managed to “gently” push his head back onto the pillow.

Hes fine now, gonna go bite some other people at home Im guessing.

Life in the ED I tell ya…

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  1. Dalal November 5, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Oh my god!! Poor kid…and poor you!!! His injury looks horrible..I don’t blame him one bit for biting u..I would’ve done the same:p salamat!

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