Dont flirt, dont look pretty and cover up

So a few of our MP’s made top headlines today with their most important agendas – the saudification of Kuwait even further than it already is.

So im not against all these topics being brought up in parliament – as stupid as I personally think they are – but im not definitely not against them being brought up, since we live in a multi-faith multi-racial society, as well as realising that conservatives will be conservatives, and liberals will be liberals.

BUT, surely you agree with me when I say there are more important issues right now? All I’ve heard parliament speak about has been either problems in other countries or problems faced by a race or a faith or ethnic minority or why not destroy all the churches and what to wear etc.. I mean with regards to this latest issue, one MP went far enough to say “when we say cover up, we really mean dont wear bikinis at the beach”

What about the traffic CRISIS we are facing?

What about the paramedic crisis we are facing? Does anyone even know that if a BUS was to collapse in Kuwait, we would struggle to take all the victims to hospital on time due to the number of malfunctioning/overheating Ambulances?

What about the hospital crisis? Does anybody know -and these are rough figures- that Mubarak Hospital was made to care for a population radius of 250,000 since 1982, and in the emergency department NO construction was done since then and our current population ratio is in the range of 1.5 Million with the SAME amount of doctors and space?

What about our budget crisis? A figure in the high 60% covers our domestic salaries in Kuwait, and 40% for EVERYTHING else?

What about crisis preparation? Does anyone know or realise that Kuwait is not prepared in any way, shape or form for any crisis in Kuwait, from a medical standpoint anyway.

What about the corruption crisis? Anyone here will realise the degree of corruption has increased a million fold, and as a result our growth as a country has come to a complete standstill.

But I guess banning girls wearing bikinis and preventing guys from flirting tops all those issues, eh?

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