Dont blame me

Dont blame me If I disregard the law

For I learned that your laws protect the strong at the cost of the weak

Dont blame me If I steal

For I learned thats how you want us to feed our families

Dont blame me for not going to work

For I learned that the hard workers are shunned, and the hard talkers are praised

Dont blame me for rebelling

For I learned that approaching you for help will only give me a sore throat

Dont blame me for sympathy towards my people

For I learned that even my people care not for our country

Dont blame me for crying myself to sleep

For I learned that my only true solace is God

Dont blame me for admiring and envying the west

For I learned that despite our infinite similarities, Arabs defy unity

Dont blame me for losing hope

For you have given me nothing to hope for!



Beware my ambitions and dreams

For they benefit my people, and that terrifies you

Beware my endurance

For you have armed me with education, and I will fight you till my last breath

Beware my strength

For it is plentiful, and it will never wane, no matter what obstacles you put before me

Beware my pride

For I have plenty of reasons to be proud, and you are not one of them

Beware my lack of prejudice

For my people are “one”, your people are none

Beware my patience

For even the strongest have fallen, and you shall follow suit

Beware my tolerance

For God taught me to love my neighbours and my people, and you are teaching me to hate them

Beware my intellect

For you will distract me no more, my focus is solely on you

Beware my freedom

For I was born free, and you shall never enslave me

We are aware.

We are awake.


  1. scopes March 20, 2012 at 1:21 pm #

    You wrote this? if so…impressive :p

    • DrQ80 March 21, 2012 at 9:58 am #

      Yeh that was all me

      After a bad day i must admit ;p

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