Desert Force (DFC) MMA

A UFC-esque annual tournament being held in Amman Jordan, for aspiring arab MMA fighters.

I didnt know there was such a thing, and seeing that UFC is world wide, I think its quite an achievement for these lads in Jordan to come up with this tournament.  Apparently its been going on for a few years, and if anyone knows more about it Id love if they could tell me.

Anyway, March 30th 2012 saw the final of the 70kg weight category.  The fighters were Mahmud Said (Egypt, Muay Thai Kickboxing) Vs Mohamad Arti (Kuwait, Brown belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Always glad to see a Kuwaiti representing and WINNING!

3adi JIDAN jisma


Click the link below if you dont see the video

Mohamad Arti vs Mahmud Said Final

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