Check your “Breaks”

Driving 140 km/hr is 20 km/hr above the speed limit.. not much

The injuries it can cause.. Horrendous.

Had a guy come in with that just that, hit a post at 140km/hr

Back pain, pain when breathing, and peeing blood

Not CRAZY bad symptoms considering his accident.  But then we did a full body CT scan and..

The Full Body Ct Scan

Ok, apparently you needed some guidance..

1. He had multiple rib fractures

2. Damaged Liver + Both kidneys

3. Fracture of the thoracic vertebral columns from T6 to T10 (they go from 1 – 12)

4. The tough one: The one in the CT scan above shows a “Burst Fracture”.  As the name implies, its a type of fracture that in short describes the bone had “burst”, like a balloon.  And a bony fragment was compressing his spinal cord, which in lay mans terms mean he might not be able to walk for life, unless its removed.

5. A tear across his rectum, meaning he will need a colostomy bag (a bag placed on your abdomen so you can “poo” into it).

This kid was 20 years old.

Slow it down people, seriously.

Think of your family.

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