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Review: Dr Boutique

“Be Unique with Dr Boutique” was the slogan on the bag I received at home by Dr Boutique herself. With a big influx in amazing new medical stores in Kuwait, its looking more and more likely that competition will be rife.  Thats good news for us customers. Dr Boutique is currently, as I understand, a medical […]

Review: The Scrub Shop .. New Kuwaiti Store selling medical apparel

There’s a new kid in town, and offering some serious game in the medical apparel business. What happens when a surgeon and a business woman come together? You get The Scrub Shop. A 100% Kuwaiti medical store, that caters many sorts of medical equipment. Currently located in Al Ghawali Mall, basement (right across from Al […]

App Review: Ghost Trick

I was very skeptical about this game when I saw it.  I mean, a game called “Ghost” and “Trick” sounds kinda silly.  Well, prepare to be surprised. Yup, the makers are non other than CAPCOM, who made excellent games on our video game consoles for years.  This was very encouraging to see them move to […]

App Review: The Lost City

Every now and again, I download an app and if it gets enough attention on the app store, I tend to go through it quick and write up a quick teensy weensy review. This game is called “The Lost City”. Its basically a “puzzler” sort of game, where you move from screen to screen completing […]

App Review: Waze

Ever heard of a “Social GPS” ?  I hadnt until now.  Its called WAZE Basically, its a gps navigation app, but with attitude. The only difference is, its got the basic motorways from google, and the rest is up to you. Literally. Click on the “pave” option when you reach an area on the map […]