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Odd days that need a rant to sort it out

Weird issues with iOS 9

Im hearing (as well as being one of the people complaining) of weird issues that are happening after this fantastic update to our iPhones. Low Volume: This one has been annoying the hell out of me, and its a slippery little culprit.  Every time I would check out a story on snapchat, id realise there […]

“Socially Acceptable”

*Sigh*   A term that annoys the living hells out me. So why is it so important to become “socially acceptable” in this society? To make integration easier? To make life easier? So people can accept you? So you don’t feel like an alien? So you lose your identity? Your freedom of expression? Which is […]

Article: Absolutely SHOCKING from Liverpool FC OFFICIAL Twitter account

Lets state the obvious for those clueless to the history of football: Liverpool Fc and Manchester United. Two hugely successful football clubs in both England and worldwide. Both suffered unspeakable tragedies in their past. The one in question today is what is called the “Munich Air Disaster” afflicting Manchester United Football Club on the fateful […]

Article: So whose fault is it?

Just back from the chalet, always a great way to spend the weekend. Family, friends, my dogs, the sea, the lush, soft sand. Until I step on an empty plastic bottle. Taking a step back doesnt make much of a difference, since my other foot was stuck in a half torn plastic sheet. Looking left […]