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Article: Strange REAL Diseases: The Dancing Plague

Taken from from the digital journal – by Paul Wallis: It happened. In 1518, People “danced themselves to death” for no obvious reason in Strasbourg, France. One woman started it, and others joined her. Within a month, there were 400 people involved. Many died from pure exhaustion. If 490 years sounds like a long time […]

Article: Fattest countries in the world – Kuwait is Number 1 in the World (Official)

Sedentiary lifestyle – whens the last time you walked anywhere, or actually COULD? Everything is a cars distance away. Unhealthy lifestyle: Food, diwaniya, video games. Am I missing anything? Unhealthy diet: Mcdonalds, Hardeez, KFC, burger places, Pizza places, Machbooses etc… So its not really a surprise that we TOP THE LIST. Check out the list […]

Review: Dr Boutique

“Be Unique with Dr Boutique” was the slogan on the bag I received at home by Dr Boutique herself. With a big influx in amazing new medical stores in Kuwait, its looking more and more likely that competition will be rife.  Thats good news for us customers. Dr Boutique is currently, as I understand, a medical […]

Review: The Scrub Shop .. New Kuwaiti Store selling medical apparel

There’s a new kid in town, and offering some serious game in the medical apparel business. What happens when a surgeon and a business woman come together? You get The Scrub Shop. A 100% Kuwaiti medical store, that caters many sorts of medical equipment. Currently located in Al Ghawali Mall, basement (right across from Al […]