Cant Be Serious

This is a short and sweet post.

Was driving to work today, and found out the shocking news – traffic.  I was being sarcastic by the way, traffic is commoner than the common cold here in Kuwait.  Even if there wasnt any traffic, we can create it.

So I did what I usually do during traffic – crank that music up, and mutter under my breath swear words at the total idiocy that occurs live around me.

Going past the 5th ring road was worse than usual, but that was due to a car that broke down in the middle of the road.  And since life cannot get any more boring to most people here, everyone decides to slow down and stare as they drove by this poor indian man.  Traffic then moved fine up until the 2nd ring road.

When I say fine, I mean the usual “snails pace”.

But then, everyone stopped.  I mean, a complete standstill.  This wasnt normal, as even though “snails pace” wasnt much, there still was movement.  The traffic light on the 1st ring road when green – no one moved.  Then red, then green again – few people moved.

What was going on? I couldnt see an accident, nor was the traffic light malfunctioning, why were people not bloody moving?

Then I saw something that drove me insane – a police officer walking around the between the cars carrying cd’s stacked right up to his neck, literally, like this dude

Cd's stacked high. On a motorway..

When he got to my car, I just had to ask:

Me: “What in God’s name are you doing?”

Cop: “Handing out the new traffic laws in these cd’s.  Its traffic week!”

Me: “7:30am? Do you know how many traffic violations YOU’VE caused with this silly stunt?”

Cop: “Here’s your cd”

and he tries to pop it through my window, but I promptly rolled up my window and drove away.  Well, a few metres away, the pace was still terrible!

Everyday, I swear almost everyday, I say I’ve seen most of the silliest / craziest / dumbest things I could see in Kuwait.  But then something like this happens!  Can you think of a more backwards way to distribute Cd’s to the public?? I cant, and having a police officer parade around in the middle of a MOTORWAY during rush hour definitely isnt one of the most brilliant ideas someone came up with!

I could think of other methods, simple basic methods of distribution:

  1. At the universities and schools
  2. At each coop
  3. Online links to download at the MOI website
  4. Advertisements, awareness campaigns
  5. At shopping malls
  6. At cafes

SO MANY places, but please oh please not the middle of the motorway!!!!


  1. RM March 12, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    wow…that is majorly idiotic….also i’m suprised you didn’t get fined when you rolled the window up on a cop…

    Respect 😀

    • DrQ80 March 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

      LOL, that would have made the day complete

      A ticket from a dude who is causing major traffic

      yeh, awesome;p

  2. scopes March 24, 2012 at 2:00 am #

    i am so happy i work from home…i would probably murder someone on the way to work <.<

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