Break a Leg .. Literally

Im gonna call this session “Tough Love”, you’ll learn a thing or two , but you’ll hate me for it.

Ever wonder how we “fix” broken legs?  We all know that this guy has a “platinum” piece of metal in his thigh, and this girl has a “a plate and FOUR screws” in her ankle.

But before the surgery, when patients have a million other things that might kill them besides a broken ankle, how are they managed in a very difficult setting?

Lucky for you, Ive got a video of a patient that fits the bill – a broken ankle and a million other things that were impeding her life, but a severely broken ankle that needed to “reduced” or the limb might not be saved.

This, my dear viewers, does not result in easy viewing.  CAUTION is advised before opening the link because:

1. It IS disgusting

2. You WILL cringe

3. Some people may throw up

So once you are ready, click on the red spoiler tag below and you can view the video, otherwise close the window right now and switch





 [vsw id=”ki1RZwzWC2o” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]



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