Article: Thank You

Thank You – part of a whole library of words we take for granted.

To thank someone is to be grateful.

For something they did, for a feeling they bestowed onto you, for anything really that came to happen as a result of them.

Today I walked into Mishref coop, had 10kd to spare and thought Id buy the odd junk to kill some time.  Friday is a slow day, especially in Ramadan.

Bought some coffee, piled it up for a rainy day.  Went into starbucks, bought me a vanilla latte for 1.500 kd, and came back home.

No one in the house but me and our lovely house maid Maria.  Shes been with us for more than 20 years, and shes basically family.

She was in the kitchen, watching tv whilst waiting for everyone to come home.  Quiet day, Friday.

So I sat down to have a chat, see how she was getting on.  I asked how her family was doing, her kids, her husband.

“My sisters husband is struggling to walk with a stick because his left side is paralyzed, and my husband has (what she described as a pacemaker) in place.  We’re getting along fine.”

I started thinking for a second.  Nothing inspirational, just regular thoughts, a little “let me be in her shoes” sort of thoughts, and all of a sudden I felt terrible.

If I was 60-odd years old, still working abroad while my wife was sick back in Kuwait, the first thing I would want to do is go be by her side.  Or at least spend the next couple of decades (if I live that long) surrounded by my family.

Simple, instinctive thoughts im sure most of us would have.

So I asked her, straight out “why are you here? Why dont you go home and stay with your family?”

And the obvious answer, dawned on me from the teary look in her eyes, finally construed into words from this lovely old lady “I need to work to provide them with money”.

As simple and as obvious an answer I could get, but to hear it from a lady who has been nothing but honest and amazing for the past 2 decades working with us hit my insides like an arrow.

She sends 90kd a month back home for groceries, for medicine, for basic necessities.

We spend 90kd on what?  Meals out every other day

Excess food we dont finish and that gets tossed away?

Junk to kill some time?


iPads, iPhones, Playstation games?

I guess the more people have, the more they have to spend on luxuries, fair enough, Im not trying to make this post into a “feed Africa, save the world” sort of post, but if you think poverty is something you see on tv, just look around you.

You really dont have to look very far.  These are people literally living in your house, right now, who could use your help.

If you want to start making a change, then do something that could make these people smile, heck id be surprised if you dont start smiling yourself as a result of the good deed you did.

And if you dont feel they are deserving of a good deed, then thats also fine because this post isnt meant to be a guilt trip of any kind.

But at least look at what you have, no matter how minimal or trivial you think it is, then look up at the sky and say “thank you”.

Now THATS the least you could do.



  1. Shahad July 22, 2014 at 1:54 am #

    Gratitude is a way if life. I’m so glad to know that someone put there is trying to make a difference. Saying thank you ‘heartily’ does make a difference! No feeling in the world is equavilant to the feeling you get when you thank someone just because you appreciate what they do, not expecting anything in return! As they say, you’ve never lived until you have done something to someone that can never pay you back! After all, the more you give life, the more it gives you.. That’s the law of karma =]

  2. AsoooM August 5, 2014 at 6:34 pm #

    حبيبتي ماريا…الله يعطيها الصحه و العافيه وايد احبها و البوست حلو و يعور القلب

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