Article: Tell ME what to do, and I’ll do it

During a busy evening shift a few days ago, the kind where beds become worth their weight in gold due to their sparsity, I usually become extremely focused on the task at han

Get people better or get them out– one of them needed to be done as fast as possible.

Ever heard of the saying “Judge, jury and executioner”?

Well I was the Emergency medic, the nurse, the policeman, the bed manager, the porter and the car salesman that night.

Then I heard a shout which became the norm ib the Kuwaiti ER, especially when you’re covering areas that are used to flying first class and 5 star hotels.


Gotten used to that by now.. But being the only “native” in the team that night, I quickly checked the condition of the lady’s mum -cough- good, so she can tolerate sitting down on a chair temporarily.

So I calmly approached the lady.

Me: “Ma’am, im sorry but we have no beds. As soon as one clears we’ll have her on a bed”

Her: “What kind of service is this? We are kuwaiti! This is not civilised!!”

Me: “Nationality is not an indicator of how sick you are. However please calm down so we can discuss this in a civilised manner. I dont OWN this hospital, we make do with what we have, and thats 10 beds.”

Her: “I want her on a bed!”

Me: “Did you bring one with you?”

Her: ” Are you being funny?” (Of course i was you silly woman)

Me: “Do you have a solution? If you do, ill gladly do it.”

*sound of crickets*

Me: “I thought so. Now let me get on with my job so that your mum CAN get a bed when someone leaves.”

Strangely enough, her husband came up to me, gave me a wink and chuckled “thats the first time shes been shut up in 30 years of marriage!”

At least one of them left in a good mood!

Holy moly, women.


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