Article: So whose fault is it?

Just back from the chalet, always a great way to spend the weekend.

Family, friends, my dogs, the sea, the lush, soft sand.

Until I step on an empty plastic bottle.

Taking a step back doesnt make much of a difference, since my other foot was stuck in a half torn plastic sheet.

Looking left and right, all the way down the coastline across all the chalets, all I see is miles and miles of rubbish.

I aint talkin about that biodegradable shit either. This was 100% pure and utter no-goodness.

Major no-no`s.

I guess we can find this sort of stuff anywhere around the world, however, one scary thing surprised me more than the rubbish itself. I noticed something while I went for a walk towards my uncles chalet.

Not a single chalet (excluding ours) had a rubbish bin placed by the beach.

If they did, they sure made it hard to find.

There were plenty of people this weekend, all enjoying their jet skis and water sports, and of course after all the fun was over, there was always some “other” person there cleaning the toys for em.

Fair enough, we’re all guilty of that from time to time.

But has our dependence on others – cheap labour – reached a point where we could not care less about the state of our environment?

Whats the role of our government on these issues? Employ more men in yellow to clean up after our mess?

Thats the point. Its OUR mess, and like many other things in our country, we take no responsibility for it.

Forget any hibbity hobbity nonsense on eco-systems and “going green” bladdy blah blah .. lets go real basic.

Where – on earth – are you willing to take your kids on a nice day out? Where did our families take us? Was it not to these very places whose importance we are currently discarding with ease? Must we have our barbecues at home instead of out in a field in order to avoid the sheer site of waste flying everywhere in the wind?

I feel terrible cleaning “my side of the beach” every time I go, not because its a burden on me cleaning other people’s rubbish, but for the fact that I know that what im doing is only providing a nice, clean place for my nephews and nieces to play in, and even though all these other people want the same, they seem to refuse to chip in to what can only be their own responsibility – cleaning up.

We teach our kids to “clean up” (well, we do anyway) yet we throw shit out the window when driving, or pollute the land left right and centre on a DAILY basis because we’re either too lazy to aim for the bin, or we’re too cool for it.

Its a sad sight.

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  1. Dalal May 12, 2013 at 10:47 am #

    It all comes down to what you learnt as a kid, a very sad bit of news I read this weekend was that an international expert had evaluated our governmental KG (rawtha) level and had said that there was basically ZERO teaching there, 80% of the teachers’ time was spent chatting, and he could see no signs of basic teaching at this sensitive and highly important level. It is at this critical age that you need to teach your kids to throw rubbish in the garbage, what recycling means etc. I take my kids on a regular basis to playgrounds across Kuwait and my 3 year old has “bullied” other kids by saying “we’re not playing in this playground anymore because you’re throwing rubbish on the floor, its dirty!” …and he’s usually the odd one out who DOESN’T throw rubbish. What’s this country heading to…(scary thought)…

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