Article: Robbed indirectly by Wataniya Telecom


Pretty sure by now everyone heard that Kuwait has finally joined relative old news world wide in allowing customers to transfer their numbers between network providers.

Wataniya, a provider ive been with since they’ve opened up shop back in the day, was falling off the pace with Zain and Viva.

Dropped calls, no LTE .. it was no contest.

So, even though I’ve been a relative superstar in Wataniya, I was especially ticked off with the way things were handled when I wanted to transfer my number to Zain.

I aint even commenting on the fact that it has been almost 2 and a half weeks (it finally worked!) but they kept saying that I owe them some silly amount that I couldnt pay online .. 500 fils!

So being the stubborn prick I am, I went to the local Coop and paid double the amount that was due to end the debate once and for all.

The “Zain” lady tried and… nothing.

Wataniya kept on throwing out the fact that I had “outstanding payments” left, even though for the past two weeks.. THEY OWED ME.

So, I came back from Cyprus yesterday and thought to myself.. Im getting this done.

Went back to the “Zain” lady who had been trying daily to transfer my number to no avail, only to find out that this time I now had 30kd to pay off.

Surprise surprise.

So we went through the whole procedure again, and lo and behold, it worked.

Would Wataniya go as far as to delay any pending transfers until payment of the following month went through??

I suspect many people were leaving them, so I wouldnt be surprised if this were true.

Anyway, Ive got them in my rearview mirror and thats where they are staying.

Wataniya, Good Riddance.

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