Article: Reckless driver bumps into .. Traffic Police Chief!

Just went our very own traffic chief –  Major General Abdulfatah Al-Ali – seemingly couldnt continue his evolution as Kuwait’s own superhero, this happens!

Story taken from the Kuwait Times:


A man thought he was lucky when he drove for nearly two kilometers along a road’s shoulder without a police vehicle in sight, till his luck ran out and he found himself face to face with none other than Kuwait’s traffic police chief!


Traffic General Department Director Abdulfattah Al-Ali was driving his civil car off duty when he noticed a reckless driver driving at a speed far higher than the permissible limit – along the road shoulder – to avoid becoming stuck in a traffic jam.


He intercepted the driver at a point where he tried to come onto the main road.  After realizing that he was in serious trouble, the man tried explaining to the Major General that he had a family emergency.  Major General Al-Ali turned a deaf ear to his pleadings, however, and ordered that his vehicle be impounded.

Major General Chuck Norris AbdulFattah Al-Ali – I salute you in a way no other man has saluted a man before.

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