Article: My conversation with a West Elm employee

Ever seen one of those conversations between an employee and a customer that you couldnt believe was really happening because one of them / both were so stupid it must have been a prank?

Well, I literally just had one myself.

So I rang up West Elm because we ordered a shelf, and upon delivery we received a desk.  So I explained this to the employee on the phone, he politely asked for a picture, I obliged.  The following ensued on whatsapp:

West Elm: Hi sir, this is **** with you for west elm.  You can send the picture here

Me: This is the original order, a shelf.IMG_3955

Me: This is what we received, a table.


W.E: Actually which colour you want?

Me: My friend, forget the colour, IS IT THE SAME ITEM?

Me: Are these two the same?

IMG_3955 IMG_3956

W.E: Yes sir.

W.E: It is the same colour.

W.E: Both acron colour. ( I think he meant Acorn).

Me: Are they the same shape?

W.E: Yes

W.E: It is from the same family.

Me: I ordered a shelf.  I received a table.

W.E: Ooooh means you want the bookshelf

Me: YES!

Me: I ordered the bookshelf.

I received the table.

The table is wrong, the bookshelf is right.

W.E: Now I got sorry for happened that.

A few minutes later .. 

W.E: Sir can you send the table to us and we will make order for bookshelf?

Me: You want me to send the table to you? How?

W.E: Send it

Me: In a truck?

W.E: Yes sir

Me: (losing patience) Please send someone to bring the bookshelf, and he can come and take the table.

All at once.

W.E: I talk with manager ok sir

I will process for exchange item but sir it take some days.

I stopped replying after that.

The brain is a useful tool people, use it.

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