Article: I was robbed

So I wake up last night, and get 3 lovely text messages from NBK saying:


Your credit card xxxx has been debited with 700.00 GBP from on 27/04, 01:56. The available limit on your credit card is xxxx KWD


Your credit card xxxx has been debited with 600.00 GBP from on 27/04, 02:05. The available limit on your credit card is xxxx KWD


Your credit card xxxx has been debited with 183.99 GBP from Next Directory on 27/04, 03:09. The available limit on your credit card is xxxx KWD

It was 6am when I woke up, and it took me a few minutes to realise I wasnt in London, and a couple more minutes to realise  I was in bed.  Of course, I called the bank, cancelled my credit card blah blah blah…

End of boring part

The way I saw it, someone just attempted to rob me of my hard earned monaih.

That my friends, was unacceptable.

So, as long as there were no guns involved, and not a lot of running around, I decided to devise a plan.

A plan to catch this fella once and for all.

The Plan

1. The Club:  

Since the text message I got clearly stated the website, the only logical decision that remained was to visit

Turns out the dude reserved a VIP table for 6 people worth £700, under my name, and a Stage table worth £600.

Spoke to a  russian girl called DeniOo lala ... who was extremely helpful, and informed me that this booking was for TONIGHT!

2. London Cops:

Called the London Metropolitan Cops.

They were extremely helpful, but mentioned that protocol was for our local (Kuwaiti) authority had to contact them to verify this was true before they would mobilise any units to the club.

However, since this shit was going down to tonight, they were going to inform the local police and give them a heads up.

3. Payment Gateway:

Well, these guys were useless tits.

I called and the only thing the guy forgot to tell me was to F**k off.

Completely useless.

I hope he strangles himself on his keyboard.

4. Kuwait Police:

Ah, the local heroes. I got as much help out of them as you would’ve imagine. NONE.

Even though I had every piece of information required, and that the guy who fraudulently booked a VIP table (without inviting me) was showing up tonight, all they needed to do was pick up the phone and contact the London Metropolitan cops (who were waiting for them to say hi), they basically said “we do not have the authority to call London”.

I was informed to get a bank account statement, do a little dance, and then maybe someone would tell someone to call London.

Anyway, the bank issued my mastercard money back to me, and by the time I ran around all the different departments in Kuwait the guy in London would have probably enjoyed a few more months as a VIP.

Isnt that kind of messed up though, that even though two countries have protocol, one was so simple and the other one was so complicated?

I mean, that russian girl Deni was more helpful to me than the local cops!  There’s got to be something wrong with that picture.

One thing to note though, is the amazing professionalism I witnessed when entering the police station.  5 cops, smoking, and one of them informing me that “Ive just finished my 8 hour shift, but im only doing this to help you” to which I duly replied “Ive just come off a 24 hour shift in the ICU and have skipped lunch, but thank you for your hard work”.

C’est la vie I guess eh?

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