Article: How different people perceive “time”

Time is probably the most simple, and the  most complicated thing in the world.  The same can be said about women, but thats a conversation for another day.

I mean, time is something we perceive so differently at different aspects of ours lives.  We’ve all heard of how “time flies” when we are having fun, or with good company, or with that person we love.

Or how time just does not seem to budge when you’re in that stupid lecture in that class you’re forced to take just to meet your credit quota for the year, or when you’re listening to a patient complain about something that is completely “un-medical” you feel like you just died a little.

But i think time has a bigger effect on people after certain life changing events.

Take a moment and think about that patient who’s waiting for the diagnosis after a key test.  How fast do you think time is going for them that week, or on the day in the waiting room?

How about the day after a persons death.  I personally found it extremely surreal, waking up the day after my grandmothers death.  Something about the day was strange, missing, and it just wouldnt go away.

That day reminds me of a poem:

Why does the sun go on shining

Why does the sea rush to shore

Dont they know its the end of the world

Cuz you dont love me anymore


That last line refers to the loved one unable to “love them anymore” because they’ve passed away.

People in that situation dont view time as you do in your current state.  To them, its strange that the world is moving on, that people are going to work, that the sun is continuing to shine.  Ask anyone who’s lost a loved one.

Silly things like traffic, money, materials, arguments all mean nothing to them at that moment.

What about that person who was just diagnosed with cancer?  Forget prognosis and all that medical rubbish, how has time changed for them?  Is that barbecue next week a priority they cant miss, or is that secondary now to more “important” things in life?

Like family

Like loved ones

Like friends

Maybe we said something last week, last month, or yesterday, and we thought we’d have all the time in the world to make it up to them.

Maybe we dont.

If meeting with family became important now, why was it not important before?

If reconciling with loved ones became a priority, why did it cease to be before?

So many opportunities pass us by on a daily basis, why dont we latch onto some of them, try something different?

Why do we always wait for the sea storm, to start building our ships?

Does it really take too much effort to smile in the morning when meeting your colleagues, or saying a nice “good morning” to that poor porter or, God forbid, buy them a coffee?

When was the last time anyone bought a gift for those poor maids and drivers we have working their socks off, away from all their family, just to show them your appreciation?

You know that fishing trip you wanted to go on?  Book it

That zumba class you thought you’d look silly doing cuz your cheesy friends would laugh at you for joining? Screw it, do it.

Did you want to buy your mom a gift, but you thought you’d wait?  Buy it, shes worth every penny

This is life.  This is how you can feel alive.

Dont wait for life to pass you by, and certainly dont wait for that life changing event to change your life.



And smile 🙂

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