Article: Help, but not at the cost of others

Interesting debate with the family today regarding an issue that happened at the ER.

Had a chappie present with a very benign illness (cough) that had no other cause and appeared to be innocent enough. He received a full evaluation, and like any other patient in his situation, I referred him to the GP.



Were a couple of many responses I got from a couple of the family members (Naaanaaaa being one of them.. She knows who she is;p)

The reason being, this dude happened to be from pastures rich in geneology.

I.e: Big Family Name

And I didnt kiss ass, which involves doing a barrage of tests that I would otherwise not do if this guy was called Ali Abdulrahim for example.

Although another doctor didnt get his fair share of ass kissing and thus duly obliged.

To me, he was just another patient, deserving of my full care and attention as a doctor, but not more than that. However, not everyone viewed it like that.

My disregard of this patients social status appeared to present as a notion of not wanting to offer help to someone in need.

I disagree, the moment we decide to help someone at the cost of someone else, we cancel out our good deed with a bad one.

A cough, that had no other complication and symptoms, to any level headed doctor would not be classed as an emergency.

A family name isnt an emergency either.

One wise fellow put it correctly by saying

“If you want to help someone, finish what work you have for today, and help this person as an extra bit of work for yourself. Not in the place of someone else.”

This “help” we tend to offer so much in Kuwait has another word tied to it.

Ever heard of “corruption”?

Lets help all those we can help.

But my dear friends, lets also remember, help means putting in extra effort.

Dont remove that unfortunate person who has nothing to offer you in order to help someone of esteemed socioeconomic status.

For those who got involved in the discussion today,

Love you all xx

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  1. Hmmm… wonder who that “wise fellow” was? :p

    • DrQ80 January 18, 2013 at 12:22 am #

      He who-must-not-be-named ;p

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