Article: Have a business idea? Zain Telecom, Brilliant Lab & IE Business school team up in a unique way to accelerate your business idea

Had fleeting thoughts of starting up a business?

Tired of making cup cakes?

Zain Telecom just teamed up with Neda Al-Dihany’s (Twitter = @nedaaldihany) Brilliant Lab and IE school of business in Madrid to provide one of the best business opportunities out there right now.

Its as simple as 1,2,3

So you basically have an idea right? But you got no idea what to do with it..

you head over to Zain’s Website and click join now (You cant miss it, its literally a HUGE yellow light bulb in the centre of the page).

A filtration process takes place and your idea is filtered into one of the many chosen ones.

All expenses paid trip to Madrid (a few days before the classico, NO JOKE) to meet IE business school representatives and have a show and tell to further develop your business ideas with the experts, where you can also meet spanish investors.

The classico is not included in what Zain is paying for by the way.

Back to Kuwait and to be followed personally by Brilliant Lab in order to further expand and develop that business idea to suit the Kuwaiti market.

Once everything is set and done, and your baby is ready to graduate, its time to go where the money is.

A simply extraordinary idea in my opinion, and if you have any fledgling business needing to freshen up, or an idea waiting to sprout, I highly suggest you head over to and get the ball rolling.

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