Article: 60% of Kuwaitis willing to immigrate

Very, very interesting article from the Kuwait Times newspaper:

60% Willing to Immigrate?

A small but very important survey carried out by a young Kuwaiti man has revealed a very shocking result in terms of the answers, numbers and quality of the people surveyed. More than 4,000 people took part in the survey which contained one direct question: “Would you accept taking your share from the oil wealth and migrate out of Kuwait?”

The results, which were posted on Twitter along with other details, show that 62 percent of people said ‘yes’. This means that a huge number – 2,500 Kuwaitis – are thinking of leaving the country for better opportunities. What is further alarming is that the majority of those are aged between 25 and 40 years receive a minimum salary of KD 1,500 and have diplomas, university degrees and high academic qualifications.

What are these numbers telling us? When has the term ‘immigration’ become common among Kuwaitis? When did young people, especially educated ones with good salaries, start talking about ‘our’ share of oil instead of the state’s share? Since when has people become so frustrated to the point in which they see no future whatsoever for their own country? Our ancestors endured the hardships of life during Kuwait’s pre-oil era.

Now, their children are thinking of leaving the country despite living a life of luxury and convenience. Can you not see the irony here? Money and materialistic things are not the source of stability and national loyalty. The Twitter user @KasekYaWatan did a huge favor to the Cabinet and parliament by doing a survey addressing two pressing topics that official state departments continue to ignore – the citizen’s share of the oil wealth and the idea of Kuwaitis’ migrating. These issues expose to the whole world the fact that Kuwait’s main problem lies in general administration and the inability to build a future for the country.

If you do not like the survey or do not trust its standards, that’s fine. Do your own survey and you will receive the same shocking results – then you will discover how far from reality and from understanding citizens’ concerns you are. —Al-Qabas

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