App Review: The Lost City

Every now and again, I download an app and if it gets enough attention on the app store, I tend to go through it quick and write up a quick teensy weensy review.

This game is called “The Lost City”.

Its basically a “puzzler” sort of game, where you move from screen to screen completing the puzzles along the way.  Some are easy, some are tough and some require some mental gymnastics.

The story outline is that you’re heard of this “lost city” in tales from your grandmother, who goes on regular expeditions.  She recovers a mysterious stones, and says that it can be used to “change the weather” on this island.  She asks you to return it, and your journey starts from their with the first screen.

From there on, you can tap right / back /forward / left to navigate around the game.  Each screen contains some items which are visible, but in a subtle manner.  If you miss them, you’ll notice that no matter where you go in the game, there is something “missing” that you must hunt for in the screens.  Some items dont appear unless you “change the weather”

For example: a well full of water becomes dry during the ‘summer’ time, thereby allowing you to explore it and uncover a new clue.

It took me a few hours to complete the game, but im talking a few STRAIGHT hours of playing the game.  Most likely you’ll advance through a few screens, pause the game and continue later.  If this is the case, expect to finish within a week.



[vsw id=”AcefWDXavyo” source=”youtube” width=”600″ height=”365″ autoplay=”yes”]

The game got an almost 5 star rating and over 70,000 downloads in the app store at the time of my purchase.

Check out the screens, give the picture a click if its not showing the whole gallery of the game.

All in all, i give it

Thats uh.. 4.5 stars


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