App Review: Ghost Trick

I was very skeptical about this game when I saw it.  I mean, a game called “Ghost” and “Trick” sounds kinda silly.  Well, prepare to be surprised.

Yup, the makers are non other than CAPCOM, who made excellent games on our video game consoles for years.  This was very encouraging to see them move to the iOS.

Storyline: 10/10

Very original concept.  You are basically “dead”, and have no idea how or why you ended up this way.

You’re a lingering spirit and dont know why in the world you are hanging about in this world, and generally confused on what the hell is going on.  You soon realise, with the aid of a certain character, that you have what is referred to as the “powers of the dead”, which basically allows you to manipulate different objects (turn on/off a desk lamp, open a box / cupboard door / desk drawer, open an umbrella etc..)

There is also a girl involved.  You dont know who she is, but you do know that she was shaking your dead body trying to wake you up.  You also know she is key to everything, but you dont know how or why.

Part of your powers allow you to go back into the past 4 minutes before someones death, see how they died, and allow you to intervene in order to save them.  This gets really interesting as the story progresses.

Gameplay: 7/10

The game is basically a puzzler with an excellent storyline. You go back to 4 minutes before a persons death and attempt to prevent it.  You freely switch between two phases:  The ghost phase and the trick phase.

Ghost phase:  This phase is where you manipulate your spirit to move between available objects around you.  This is a timeless phase, so you can do anything you want and time does not pass.

Trick phase:  Time passes in this phase, and when you perform your “trick” you are basically “opening a cupboard” if you possessed a cupboard in the ghost phase, or “opening the umbrella” if you possessed the umbrella, and so on and so forth.

The whole point is to prevent a death during these phases so that you may continue the story.  Your powers are limited, which I thought was a bit annoying and got a bit repetitive, but later on in the game you across some new “skills” which expand the things you can do in the game.  I thought this came a bit late in the game and should have come a little bit earlier.

The amount of time playing this game was very decent, it took me a week of full on gameplay to finish, so the average user may finish it in 2-3 weeks time depending on how much they play a day.

Downside: No multiplayer or replayability.  Once you finish the game, its over.

Total Score: 8/10

Totally original concept and gameplay.  I loved the story and at times didnt want it to end, so the longevity of the game was a plus in this case.  Does not contain any multiplayer or replayability as I mentioned, which decreased from the total score.  But the game was just THAT enjoyable and the storyline so engrossing I sometimes found it hard to put down.


Must buy.  Simply incredible storyline.


Free to download first chapter – can buy each chapter single purchases, or £6.99 for all chapters.

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