A Night of Dreams

Lina Bakir, what can I say.  You pulled it off, and you deserve it.

Bored one day, I received a text from my mum.  It goes without saying, I love that lady with every piece of iTunes magic I can think of; but mum sends a lot of forwards via whatsapp, and I cant say I check them all..

But I got this forward that said “Lina Bakir’s Une Nuit de Reves – a night of dreams.  18th of April 2012, call for tickets”.  Heck, I was bored, and I had nothing to do that night so I rang this lady up.

“Lina? Hi, do you happen to have any tickets for tonights Jazz concert? I got a text about it, and I know its (kinda) short notice, but Id love a couple of tickets if thats ok?”

An outrageously charming and bubbly lady on the other line answered in a musical voice “Hah! My dear, whoever sent that text is wrong.  Its on the 18th of MAY, im nowhere near ready yet!”

So I proceeded to buy myself and a couple of friends some VIP tickets, and eagerly awaited the coming month.  A week later, I went to pick up said tickets, and lovely Lina asked me if I was busy, I wasnt, so she greeted me into her home. We walked into the living room, and I saw.. people. Just regular people in jeans and t-shirts and what have you.

I sat down and was asked to listen. So I did, and what I heard was magnificent. I realised I was sitting in during a rehearsal of the show, and the song that was being sung right now was called Caruso. I had no idea what was being said (it was all in italian), but the music and the sheer beauty of their voices was spectacular. These people were really good! I was surprised by the quality in all honesty, as I never heard this in Kuwait, nor did I expect it.

This lady Lina Bakir, the first impression you get is that of your sweet aunt who sneaks you those toys that mum wouldnt get you because you had 5 different colours of them already. She was paying attention to every-single-detail. This doesnt only cover the music, she designed the hall that was to host the show on the 18th. Down to the chocolate that was on every table (which was flown in from Switzerland the night of the show). She wanted perfection? She damn near got it on the night!

The hall was divided into a centre and a perimeter. VIP tickets were seated in the centre, and the “commoners” were stuck to the walls ;p

The singers were great.  Not entirely sure where they were from, but one of them was a chap called “Hamad Al-Ali” who provided some of the newer / younger generation songs like “Feeling Good” and “The Way You Look Tonight”, whereas some other highlights of the song were Caruso – Sung by a young lady called Alessandra, and Adagio by the spectacular Asma as well as the host of the show, Lina Bakir.

Some of the songs are posted below, so hopefully you are able to view them on youtube.  Enjoy!

Alessandra – Caruso

Hamad Al-Ali – Feeling Good

Asma & Lina Bakir – Adagio


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