A Comedy of Errors

For those who dont know yet, Ive officially enrolled in the Emergency Medicine program.  In short, what that means is that I will be the lovely face that greets you when you are entering the resuscitation room on your deathbed.

Yes, your life at that moment is in my hands.  I am your only hope.  Lucky you!

So it was Thursday, and I had to work that Friday morning, but the boys wanted to go to that chalet for a few hours.  4 of us ended up going:

Myself, Fajardo, Parsely and Timeemi.  No biggy.

We watched a few of the football matches on that day, rotating between England, Italy and France to please the respective supporters.  And Parsely, being just crazy about 22 grown men running after a football, decided it was time to go fishing.  Alone, in the dark.

Half an hour passes, then I hear someone shout my name “3baaid, agool .. ”

And I was presented with this:

Parsley "Hooked"

Great timing mate.  That CANT wait till tomorrow unfortunately.  To take  hook out isnt TOO difficult, but it hurts like a mothaf**ka without any pain killers injected there.  You twist the needle OUT the skin, cut its serrated edge off and then pull it back out.  So I thought nah, I know its Parsley, but I didnt have the heart to put him through that.

So I took him to the GP that was close by.  When I say “took him” I mean I offered to drive him there, but he refused.  I dont think he’ll ever sit in the passengers seat.

We were greeted by some dude who was sitting outside who responded to “yes i am a doctor”  depending on how severe the injury was.  Im assuming Parsely passed the test, because he ‘agreed’ to treat him.  I mean this guy didnt even look like a doctor, he was a manual labour sort of guy who apparently never heard of a shower.

It was quick, but painful.  He stuck the needle thru his finger, cut, and pulled it out.  No painkillers.  I was thinking to myself

“The whole point of bringing him here was the painkillers.  Timeemi could have done that for him”

So now that was over and done with, we decided to go home, this is where fate had a few games for us before we were allowed to leave.

Timeemi was reversing for what seemed like a week, I have no idea what in the world he was doing.  Then we heard a sound similar to


Yeh, it sounded like that.  You had to be there.

The place was pitch black.  I mean seriously, the parking lot was dark and empty, and the only thing there was a large lamp post surrounded by bricks.  That was it.

Thats what he hit :p

Demolition man

Surprisingly, his car was fine.  So again, we decided to move, but now Fajardo’s car decided to “not work”.  Lights were on, everything was on and working fine, but the car just wouldnt “work”.

The car that wouldnt work

It was late, I was tired.  Thats all that mattered to me.  So the boys started pushing the car …

And I forgot my foot on the brake ;p

Anyway, we finally managed to go home in the end after we piled into Timeemi’s car.

Heres a summary of what happened ;p

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  1. Dalal October 31, 2011 at 5:00 pm #

    Hahaha! I’ve heard this story before but reading it now makes it sound even more dramatic! Filim intaw wala;p

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